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ADDED: Jun. 22, 2017 - Sidney
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Oh my - hey there, boobs. 18 year old Sidney has amazing fun bags and an even more amazing cock-loving personality. What else can we say about her? Well, for one we are fucking late putting her video up. We shot this scene - Sidney's very first foray into porn - a couple of months ago. By the time she's up on ExCoGi (today), we've already spotted her sweet dick-sucking lips sucking the jizz out of our friends over at Amateur Allure. So if you, like we, wondered if this girl will do any more...(MORE ABOUT SIDNEY on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jun. 15, 2017 - Tori
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20 year old Tori is a Las Vegas native and self proclaimed wild child and party girl. Usually when a girl brags about how much she likes to "party" it means "I'm a total slut and will do anything for attention", so it's not a real shocker when this porn first-timer gives TC head while still in the car. What IS surprising, however, is how tight her pussy turns out to be. We're talking vice grip tight, with only the smaller toys able to fit inside her. A girl who brags about a life of bad choices...(MORE ABOUT TORI on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jun. 08, 2017 - Olivia and Ashley Threeway
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So what's up? Nothing? Yeah, nothing going on here either. Oh wait - we have 2 of the hottest new porn starlets on the planet eating each other out, sucking and fucking TC's big dick, and take his cum load on their pretty faces. So there's that.
Neither Olivia nor Ashly (she settled on Ashly Anderson now) have exactly been lazy since their respective porn debuts here on ExCoGi. Both signed with an agency and have been busy making waves shooting scenes for some of the largest names in the...(MORE ABOUT OLIVIA AND ASHLEY THREEWAY on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jun. 01, 2017 - Lauren
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Mom will be so proud - seriously! Lauren actually told her mom that she is shooting her very first porn movie today. Weird? Maybe. Or maybe that mom is just cool as fuck, there are more of 'em these days, and we should open a MILF site. Anyway. Lauren is cute, bubbly, and open-minded, so this will be fun for everyone. Since it is Lauren's first time on camera, you can feel her nervousness in the car ride to the hotel, but our blonde amateur overcomes that by channeling her inner pornstar and...(MORE ABOUT LAUREN on ExCoGi)

ADDED: May. 25, 2017 - Kayla
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Kayla just moved from New Mexico to Las Vegas to become a vet tech. Or blackjack dealer or stripper, whichever comes first, we think. It's Vegas, you know? Besides, she just broke up with her boyfriend and she's, let's say, open for sexual adventures. So today's porn shoot - Kayla's first - may very well be part revenge on her ex. Hey, whatever it takes to get these girls in our beds.
Anyway, Kayla is a highly sexual person and confesses to masturbating every day. She has different...(MORE ABOUT KAYLA on ExCoGi)

ADDED: May. 20, 2017 - Miah Anal
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Our tiny Asian gymnast is back - to get assfucked on camera! First time anal, and she's so tiny and brave! And OMG there's so much anal in this one! Cocklord TC really does a fantastic job giving us lots of juicy views of him fucking Miah's ass in all sorts of different positions. Hard to pick a favorite - assfucked in doggy? Or maybe the reverse cowgirl? Hell, it's all so hot watching this tight little Asian teen get ripped apart by that big dick.
We already know quite a bit about Miah's...(MORE ABOUT MIAH ANAL on ExCoGi)

ADDED: May. 11, 2017 - Ashely
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A 20 year old skinny girl from Texas with big fake tits who loves sex? Yes, please. To the fake-tits haters, calm down, ok? This real life nympho made a choice to boost her fuckability by getting bigger tits. She wants to get us guys hard. A young girl that goes and gets bigger tits to please men should be applauded for her effort, not lambasted. So we don't wanna hear any bitching from the "ooooh they're not naturally huge tits, I can't fap to this"-brigade. If you can't fap to Ash's cock...(MORE ABOUT ASHELY on ExCoGi)

ADDED: May. 04, 2017 - Esme Anal
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She's back! About 2 seconds after Esme's first shoot went up on ExCoGi we got barraged with requests to "bring her back!". And so we did. For ANAL. Because if we bring back a girl we make damn sure we get the most out of it. And thanks to cocklord TC's mastery in all things sex, we think Esme's anal scene may well end up in a record number of Favorites sections (you know you have a Favorites feature as a member, right?).
Of course before we get to watch sex tornado Esme take it up her...(MORE ABOUT ESME ANAL on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Apr. 27, 2017 - Dawn
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Sure, technically 19 year old Dawn is still a teen. But let's face it, this girl has been around the block a time or two (and got herself some permanent skin painting while she was at it). This will become evident to you the longer you listen to Dawn and how she already knows men more than she should. And when you watch her fuck, there will be no doubts that this teen has been around a cock or 30. Besides, we always get a little suspicious in regards to a girl's innocence when she hails from...(MORE ABOUT DAWN on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Apr. 20, 2017 - Sofia
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If Brazilian cutie Sofia's accent isn't enough to get your dick hard, watching her suck TC's cock will. This girl loves to suck dick. And ride. But we'll get to that. First we get to strain trying to listen to her little sex stories, and how much she loves girls and all that. She's pretty soft spoken but as we'll see, she's pretty much the energetic opposite when it comes to making boom boom. As usual, TC talks our visitor into giving him head in the car, and then takes it a step further by...(MORE ABOUT SOFIA on ExCoGi)

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