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ADDED: Feb. 23, 2017 - Nora
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Redhead Nora is 23, from Colorado, looks almost crazy with those designer glasses so we're glad when TC has her take 'em off so WE can get off. Nora has an incredible attitude, lots of energy, smiles, down to earth. Clearly looks for porn fame but today she gets a mouthful of cock that eventually makes its way into her tight pussy - in the car and outside. We love outside sex so we're really happy TC pulled that off with her.
She looks taller than her 5 foot 5 she claims to be but maybe...(MORE ABOUT NORA on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Feb. 16, 2017 - Ana
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21 year old Ana is one of those amateur girls who you will probably see on a bunch of those big corporate-y porn sites in a bit. Right after she did this scene - her very first, if our Hawaiian spinner is to be believed - she told us that she already has another shoot planned with a well-known site in Los Angeles. We wanted to avoid having yet another girl do her first scene with us, and by the time we can put her up on ExCogi.com, she's already fucked her way through half of the big LA porn...(MORE ABOUT ANA on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Feb. 09, 2017 - Autumn Anal
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You know, the hardest part about shoots like this are writing descriptions that don't reveal too much, but do whet the appetite of the reader. Frankly, it should be enough to say that ECG favorite Autumn comes back and gets assfucked - for the first time in her life. But for those of you who need a more in-depth appetizer, have a glance at the preview thumbnails below.And then watch the video because it's not possible to appreciate this scene without actually watching it.

ADDED: Feb. 02, 2017 - Melanie
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Say hello to 19 year old teen Melanie, wannabe Elementary School teacher, and most likely future pornstar. We already know she will show up on some other fap site at some time. After her very first boy-girl shoot - THIS ONE! - we wanted to get her back for some sweet anal and/or threeway. We just loved her. Unfortunately she told us she's already scheduled to shoot for some porn network giant. So this will be the first and last time we'll ever see this incredibly cute and charismatic...(MORE ABOUT MELANIE on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jan. 26, 2017 - Dani
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20 year old Dani hails from Pittsburgh but just recently moved to Las Vegas - so she can work on becoming a pornstar. However we are lucky that she is doing her first boy-girl scene for ExCoGi. Before we kick her sexy ass back to Vegas so she can fuck other dudes, dames, and dunces for other porn companies, we make sure she fully understands what it requires to get through a porn scene alive. Good thing we did, too, because sexy Dani starts off with a fantastic attitude and enthusiasm, sucks...(MORE ABOUT DANI on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jan. 18, 2017 - Miah
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Interested in a super cute, barely legal Asian gymnast today? Why, right along then. Miah was born in S. Korea, and raised in Minnesota by Germans who had the good sense to instill in her all the Teutonic virtues such as discipline, patience, physical fitness, and desire to do her first porn movie at the ripe old age of 18 years, 4 months. Ok the last one may not exactly be German (but should be! German ladies are yum!). But we are glad our adorable and sexy Miah went that route anyway....(MORE ABOUT MIAH on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jan. 12, 2017 - Andria and Lilly Threeway
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The update you have been waiting for! Today we get one of the hottest girls to grace the entire Southwest USA have her first real lesbian experience with one of ExCoGi's most enthusiastic cock queens, plus as much TC dick as they can handle. That's right - Andria and Lilly are BACK! .
Andria is one of this site's most popular girls, and rightfully so. It's impossible to stay objective here - that body is goddamn perfect. That face is model gorgeous. We heard your requests to have her come...(MORE ABOUT ANDRIA AND LILLY THREEWAY on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jan. 05, 2017 - Abrielle
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With tits like hers, do you really need a scene description? Sure you do. It's ECG tradition. OK so here goes - at 24, Abrielle is a tad older than most of the sexy ladies that stop by at the ExCoGi offices (ok, cheapest hotel room available that day) to get dicked by our cockmeisters. We hope those tits, super feminine features (OMG them DSLs, right? If you're under 30, look up what that means), and cock enthusiasm make up for that.
In real life, Abrielle is a card dealer at a Casino...(MORE ABOUT ABRIELLE on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Dec. 29, 2016 - Mariah
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Mariah is both smart AND beautiful. Italian+Black, no wonder she looks delicious. She used to go to college to become a Radiation Therapist, took a break...and now decided to give it a shot in porn. Why porn? She likes it personally, and she says she loves to masturbate to porn to cum. Which happens a couple of times a week. One wonders why a nearly perfect honey like that doesn't have a regular fuckbuddy. Or maybe she does but she's too shy to talk about it. At 24, Mariah is quite a bit more...(MORE ABOUT MARIAH on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Dec. 22, 2016 - Autumn
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The face of an angel and the sex drive of a street whore, 19 year old Autumn is exactly what the doctor prescribed. Supposedly without a boyfriend for 2 years (yeah right!), Autumn doesn't mind that in addition to getting paid for her first b/g shoot, she also gets to play with TC's big cock. She admits to being nervous, and even says this whole porno thing is awkward. That's ok, she'll get used to it (*see notes at the end*. But she does seem pretty excited about sucking and fucking some...(MORE ABOUT AUTUMN on ExCoGi)

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