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ADDED: Aug. 10, 2017 - Skye
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We see lots of girls that say they're sexual. Well, our newest girl, 19 year old blonde, blue-eyed Skye, started masturbating at 13, had sex at 14 and a threesome out in the open at 16, you know it's true. She also likes her toys, especially a "magic wand" (yes we know how it's really spelled. Trademark stuff, mmmkay?). How do we know? Just look at the big smile on her face when TC lets her know there's one waiting for her up in the room.
Watching her writhe with pleasure with wand is...(MORE ABOUT SKYE on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Aug. 03, 2017 - Stacy
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When you first see Stacy, you'd think she was the sweet, innocent type. Well you'd be right about the sweet part, but she's really a bad girl at heart, and loving it. This 20 year old has a pretty big sexual appetite and gets off by herself twice a day. While she uses her fingers, she like her toys too, and not the little ones either because she likes her toys like she likes her cocks, the bigger the better.
She's not just a solo act though seeing how she just recently had a lesbian...(MORE ABOUT STACY on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jul. 27, 2017 - Brittney
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Petite first-timer Brittney must have gotten her braces tightened yesterday because her BJ in the car seems throttled and a bit pensive. Oh wait, no. We remember now, the reason for that is the fact that out petite blonde Southern teen only sucked 2 dicks in her life! And they were probably half the size of Mr Cock Lord TC's trouser salami. That's right, lil' cutie here is a borderline virgin with the beej but our cockman is going to teach her a thing or ten today - and she loves it.

ADDED: Jul. 20, 2017 - Esme Threeway
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New and improved! Esme is back for a third time and today she shows off her new set of store-bought boobs. She had warned us all that she'd go out and get a boob job one day, and she did. Some of you are going to want to pick up pitch forks but hey, it's her choice. Luckily her new tits look amazing. Plus we love big boobies, and we LOVE Esme. so there's that. Do not send us your whiny emails about how you don't like her new fake tits. We have nothing to do with that. Let it go.

ADDED: Jul. 13, 2017 - Daisy
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At the ripe old age of 21, Daisy already has had around 40 sex partners she admits to. After losing her virginity very early on, she took a break from sex and then came back with a vengeance, to the point where she was considered the High School slut. Words like that just roll off Daisy's back. Fact is she's really into giving and receiving sexual pleasure by any means necessary, and as we can see here in her very first porn shoot, she's not afraid to enjoy herself, no matter what others might...(MORE ABOUT DAISY on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jul. 06, 2017 - Ellie
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At just 19 years of age, first-timer Ellie is adorable in how inexperienced and shy she is around porn god TC. Our petite teen is petite,with a wonderful tight body, and that about-to-lose-my-innocence look that's just so hot. And rare! If you're a long time ExCoGi member, you've seen how a lot of these young girls these days have had more sex with more guys than they should for their age. No, Ellie isn't exactly a virgin - she started masturbating to lesbian porn at a very young age, had sex...(MORE ABOUT ELLIE on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jun. 29, 2017 - Mariah Anal
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Latina hottie Mariah is back - for ANAL! You may remember her first scene on ExCoGi which went up several months ago. Why wait so long between her first scene and her anal one? Well, before we even had a chance to put up her first boy/girl scene, Mariah had already been shooting for other sites. Now, you know that we work really hard to bring you girls that are NOT on other sites. Doesn't always work out but we try. And further, as you can see, we've been knee-deep in pussy lately. So many...(MORE ABOUT MARIAH ANAL on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jun. 22, 2017 - Sidney
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Oh my - hey there, boobs. 18 year old Sidney has amazing fun bags and an even more amazing cock-loving personality. What else can we say about her? Well, for one we are fucking late putting her video up. We shot this scene - Sidney's very first foray into porn - a couple of months ago. By the time she's up on ExCoGi (today), we've already spotted her sweet dick-sucking lips sucking the jizz out of our friends over at Amateur Allure (see link in the Where Is She Now-section on the bottom of this...(MORE ABOUT SIDNEY on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jun. 15, 2017 - Tori
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20 year old Tori is a Las Vegas native and self proclaimed wild child and party girl. Usually when a girl brags about how much she likes to "party" it means "I'm a total slut and will do anything for attention", so it's not a real shocker when this porn first-timer gives TC head while still in the car. What IS surprising, however, is how tight her pussy turns out to be. We're talking vice grip tight, with only the smaller toys able to fit inside her. A girl who brags about a life of bad choices...(MORE ABOUT TORI on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Jun. 08, 2017 - Olivia and Ashley Threeway
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So what's up? Nothing? Yeah, nothing going on here either. Oh wait - we have 2 of the hottest new porn starlets on the planet eating each other out, sucking and fucking TC's big dick, and take his cum load on their pretty faces. So there's that.
Neither Olivia nor Ashly (she settled on Ashly Anderson now) have exactly been lazy since their respective porn debuts here on ExCoGi. Both signed with an agency and have been busy making waves shooting scenes for some of the largest names in the...(MORE ABOUT OLIVIA AND ASHLEY THREEWAY on ExCoGi)

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