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ADDED: Nov. 15, 2018 - Nicole
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Praise be for all the tight little hotties, especially our 19 year old preachers daughter, Nicole. We've all heard the stories about how bad preachers kids are, well in this case they're all true, in a good way! With her beautiful body and perky tits, it's no wonder she snuck out at night to get into trouble with the boys. But be careful, she'll be the first one to tell you she's a big tease and the only thing you'll get from her is blue balls. But not this time around as our man Cam gives her...(MORE ABOUT NICOLE on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Nov. 08, 2018 - Madison and Jadyn Threeway
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It's been a little while since we've had a good lesbian threeway, so we thought we'd bring in a couple of our most popular (and sexiest) girls to have a genuine pussy fest. Of course we have a great cock to go along with the action and our stud Vince was more than happy to bury his huge man-meat into not one, but two pussies for your viewing pleasure! Jadyn is a devoted lover of sweet young twats and actually prefers them to cock. She believes in the power of the tongue and after watching this...(MORE ABOUT MADISON AND JADYN THREEWAY on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Nov. 01, 2018 - Kate
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One of the things that makes 21 year old Kate special is she's a real daddy's girl, and by that we mean she likes daddy cock. She lost her virginity to her stepdad on a camping trip when she was just 14 and that just stuck. During the day, this sweet and innocent looking girl is a receptionist at a school, which is great for her as she gets to see plenty of of DILFS (dads she'd like to fuck!) and you can just imagine her sitting there giving you a shy smile while her pussy gets wet thinking...(MORE ABOUT KATE on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Oct. 25, 2018 - Luna
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Anal Alert! With rookie Luna, we've got everything you could ask for in a video. Our 21 year old busty first-timer wanted to get the true porn experience and let's just say we filled all of her wishes, and all her holes! And as it turns out, she had a magic pussy that was so tight and wet that we ended up with a two-fer, cumshots for both her ass and her face, but we'll get back to that in a minute. Normally, our girls are single, but in Luna's case, it was her boyfriends idea to hook up with...(MORE ABOUT LUNA on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Oct. 18, 2018 - Naomi
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Sweet and sexy with stunning good looks, 18 year old Naomi comes across as a wholesome girl, that is until you get to know her, then you'll happily realize that this one is a real closet freak. Maybe it's because she started watching porn at an age too young for us to print here, or that she lost her virginity at an early age, but whatever the reason Naomi likes to fuck, and the rougher the better! She likes some pain with her sex and gets super wet when you spank, choke or spit in her mouth, as...(MORE ABOUT NAOMI on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Oct. 11, 2018 - Bonnie
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Everyone wants to live the dream, and for barely 18 year old Bonnie, being a porn star is living out a fantasy she's had. Like most of our girls, they like to Jill-off watching their favorite porn and in this case Bonnie's favorite was ECG! When she found out she'd be getting fucked by our stud for her favorite porn brand, she could barely contain her excitement. The fact that he is the first guy to ever make her cum just makes this even better! You can feel the chemistry between our guest stud...(MORE ABOUT BONNIE on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Oct. 04, 2018 - Lyra Threeway
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When we last saw Lyra, we were impressed with her great attitude, sexiness and her delicious D cup tits. Now she's back to take on two cocks at once and again she doesn't disappoint! While she comes across as the slightly nerdy girl next door type, we know her better as the freaky Dead Head who loves getting fucked hard in all her holes. In fact, she refers to herself as a hippie whore and we couldn't agree more! No matter what we threw at her, she came back asking for more with a sloppy smile...(MORE ABOUT LYRA THREEWAY on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Sep. 27, 2018 - Jadyn
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19 year old leggy blonde Jadyn is actually not doing her first porn scene today. Now, you know how fanatical we are about bringing you fresh first-timers. But today we're making an exception, even though our super cute local has done 2 other scenes before today. First, she said she's open to losing her anal virginity on camera today for us. Hello! Yeah, we'll take that. But more importantly, one of ExCoGi's most popular girls, Madison, is about to shoot her girl-girl-boy threeway for us...(MORE ABOUT JADYN on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Sep. 20, 2018 - Londyn
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Filipina-mix Londyn is the kind of chick you want to bang the second you meet her. She's super pretty, got that calm-yet-energetic vibe going on, and you just know she puts out like a freak in the sheets if you push her buttons right. Before we get to that though we find a present in the hotel lobby, talk about her sexual history (surprisingly tame for a hot girl like that), likes and dislikes, and all the other stuff we like to know a guy might want to know before we dip our sticks in to...(MORE ABOUT LONDYN on ExCoGi)

ADDED: Sep. 13, 2018 - Vanessa
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So.Much.Anal! It's a common story, there are sex kittens right under our noses and we would never know that beneath their innocent appearance lies a girl hungry for cock. Take for example 21 year old mixed-race cutie Vanessa, she was shy and had a sheltered life: bibles and mandatory church, and a daddy who got mad at her for getting a C once, and everything. She's super cute, was a good student and even a cheerleader, the very definition of a good girl. But at a tender age, she discovered boys...(MORE ABOUT VANESSA on ExCoGi)