School: Mesa Community College
Year: Junior
Age: 19
Height: 5'5
Figure: 34C-22-32
EyeColor: Hazel


Once I charmed (=bribed) my way into Savannah's comfort zone, it was ON with that girl. She has done an "audition" before where she was talked into basically fucking the interviewer on camera with the promise she'd get real modeling jobs in the future. That didn't happen. Luckily Savannah is not one to give up and she kept answering ads - My ad. She makes sure that I won't be scamming her too before she even takes off her top in the car to reveal one of the nicest sets of tits to ever grace my camera lenses. Fantastic! The fact that this is a two hour behemoth of a shoot speaks volumes. I apologize for the huge download but I think it's worth it - you'll see.
I have to pick her up a few blocks away form her parent's house - Daddy cannot find out what she's about to do. "Fun" doesn't even begin to describe our ultra orgasmic 19 year old exotic hottie. Once she gets comfortable with me all bets are off and Savannah starts things off right with some nice roadhead, and letting me fuck her while we're still in the car. The girl is into it as much as I am, as evidenced by the gallons of pussy juice around my cock when she rides me. This is gonna be a good one, I'm thinking - but I had no idea how great this would turn out later.
I'm listening closely when Savannah tells us about the things that turn her on and I make it my mission to make her cum at least three times during the shoot. Without giving too much away: mission accomplished, and then some! There is lots of picture-in-picture (PIP) footage here because I want you to see her orgasmic facial expressions when I lick her pussy, her ass, and penetrate her with my arsenal of toys. At one point she has a plug in her ass, a big vibrator in her pussy, and another one on her clit, and our little hottie goes nuts. Orgasms and after orgasm, and you're right there with her.
Savannah is one of those girls who are born to please, which is just perfect for what I have in mind today. All her holes get filled, and she enjoys rough sex including some slapping and choking. Her pussy doesn't stop creaming up and this just drives me to do more and more stuff to her. Savannah takes it all like a champ, even though most of what we're doing is a first for her.
As she later reveals, she usually doesn't have guys fuck her so hard and long, and usually she is the one to initiate sex. Not this time. After fucking the hell out of her perfect little body, and making her lick my ass and blowing me some more (un-fucking-believable blowjob!), Savannah rides my cock and she is so into it that we kiss and she just doesn't want to stop. Neither do I. That alone should tell you how deep this shoot went. I ask her if she ever had a creampie, and while I don't think she actually knew what that meant, she said "no", and I went for it - I shoot my cum so deep inside her that it takes a while for it to drip back out. I know there's still a lot in her and I'm dreading the "I'm pregnant!"-call. But phone numbers are easily changed...For now though she's just happy to film her cum dripping pussy and then giggle her way toward the bathroom where she goes to pee (yes, I got that too), her face still flush from all the orgasms she's had. As she gets dressed she is trying to come up with a convincing lie to tell her Dad about where she's been. She said she'd be meeting her bosses from work, but she smells like sex and her hair is a mess. I'd love to be in on that dinner conversation with Daddy later. I could go on and on about Savannah but you'll really appreciate what's going on here when you watch the movie. I hope you have space in your "Favorite ECG Videos" folder because this one will surely take its place there. 10 out of 10, I think. Enjoy - Steve


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Savannah, CLIP 01 | Naked Pickup


Savannah, CLIP 02 | Savannah Gives Roadhead


Savannah, CLIP 03 | Sex in the Car (!)


Savannah, CLIP 04 | Intro, Boobs and Pussy Exploration


Savannah, CLIP 05 | Pusslicking Orgasms


Savannah, CLIP 06 | Toys in Ass, Pussy, and Clit (Wild!)


Savannah, CLIP 07 | Hard Doggy for Savannah


Savannah, CLIP 08 | Gaped, and Toy in Ass and Pussy


Savannah, CLIP 09 | Oh Yeah, Probably Should Fuck Her More, Too


Savannah, CLIP 10 | Double Penetrated w. Big Dildo


Savannah, CLIP 11 | BJ & Rimjob


Savannah, CLIP 12 | Wild On Top & Creampie


Savannah, CLIP 13 | Savannah's Got To Pee


Savannah, CLIP 14 | Driving Home to Daddy