NIKKI (Nadia)

School: Arizona State University
Year: Senior
Age: 22
Height: 5'2
Figure: 34C-28-34
EyeColor: Hazel


Something a little different today - Nikki ("short for Nadia", she says. Both names have five letters but okay...) has shot porn before. In fact, that's how she has been paying some of her ASU tuition. She sucked some local pornographer cock before here and there but nothing on a large, consistent basis. Porn wasn't ever her career goal, just a very pleasant way to get cash quickly when she needed it. Since she is about to graduate, this will likely be Nikki's last time doing the naughty on camera. But Nikki hasn't really been pushed beyond her comfort zone on camera before. I'm here to change that.
The moment she gets in my car it's clear why she got into porn - Nikki is gorgeous. She reminds me of a very young Sophia Loren. For someone who has done porn before, Nikki is surprisingly shy and shockingly modest. Even just getting naked in the car is clearly new territory for her. After we get her makeup done I try to get her to flash her fantastic titties and show me her pussy as we are walking through the parking structure at the mall, and she keeps looking around to see if somebody might be looking. And not in a "I hope someone sees me"-kind of way. She takes off her panties and flashes her pussy for a milisecond before it's just too much for her. I'm having more luck later when we stop to get gas: I talk her into flashing those 34Cs while she is pumping gas and she practically dies of embarrassment right there. It's very cute. When we get back in the car Nikki is already wet, undoubtedly from the exciting and scary things I had her do: Girls often get turned on by "dangerous" or even just slightly risky situations. It's called Excitation Transfer. Look it up.
At this point Nikki has no qualms sucking my cock while I'm driving, and when we arrive at the hotel's parking lot I have her straddle my cock for a minute before my batteries run out. Within seconds of Nikki sucking my cock it's clear Nikki truly loves sex - this girl gives an unbelievbly awesome blowjob! This is the first time her shyness goes out the window and she seems to be in her element. Some girls really are made for sex.
While my battery is juicing back up in the hotel, Nadia takes a smoke break on the patio and I take the opportunity to coax some more personal deets out of her...but her pussy is just too inviting for me not to dive in. Nikki confided that the most orgasms she's had during one sex session is three. My mission is to beat that and after making Nikki cum by licking her pussy I know this is a realistic goal. The girl is pretty orgasmic, once you know how to "handle" her right. Nikki has her second orgasm when I put her belly-down on the bed, place a vibrator on her clit (like the one she uses in her personal life), and lick her ass. You'll love watching the contractions of her ass and pussy as she cums. The cam pointed at her face captures her facial reactions. No doubt, this is real. Now that I know she cums for real despite the cameras all around her, I'm even more determind to get her off a few more times (but of course I won't neglect my own pleasures in the process...). Do we manage to beat her orgasm record? You'll have to watch full video to find out.
I could write a small book about all the hot stuff that's going on during this shoot, but I'm running out of space already. In short - You may have seen Nikki before but I guarantee you you've never seen her like this. For well over an hour and a half you'll hear personal details, watch Nikki suck and fuck like a sex goddess, have real orgasms on camera, and watch her get pushed out of her comfort zone on more than one occasion. Enjoy this rare treat - I sure as hell did. -Steve


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Nikki, CLIP 01 | Car Talk


Nikki, CLIP 02 | Flashing at the Gas Pump


Nikki, CLIP 03 | Roadhead and Car Sex


Nikki, CLIP 04 | Patio Pussylicking; Getting Ready


Nikki, CLIP 05 | Intro


Nikki, CLIP 06 | Pussy/Asslicking Orgasm


Nikki, CLIP 07 | Awesome Blowjob


Nikki, CLIP 08 | Fucked & Choked, Cums Again


Nikki, CLIP 09 | Enthusiastic Fuck Goddess


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