School: Arizona State University
Year: Junior
Age: 18
Height: 5'6
Figure: 32D-28-32
EyeColor: Green-ish
Favorite Sexual Position: BDSM


Hide your porn stash. Because your daughter might find it one day and discover she gets off on the same stuff you do. This is what happened with Momoko.
'Momoko' didn't want her real name on the site so she came up with something "exotic" sounding and, to humor her, I tried to pretend that's her parent-given name. But I know you're not gonna buy that. Sorry about that. And sorry, Shiquana. ...Ooops!

Shiqu...Momoko isn't the obnoxious ghetto-fabulous loudmouth I was afraid of meeting. In fact, she's shy, fairly well spoken, calm, and sweet. No "whaddup, yo" bullshit here. She lives on the outskirts of Phoenix and only meets people when she has classes in town. She has an apparently very meek boyfriend who lets her fuck other guys (first time on camera today for her though, and he's even cool with that...), but she doesn't let him do anything with other girls. I think that's called a cuckold.

So that's about the most surprising thing about Momoko. No wait, there's one other thing - this 18 year old kid is really into BDSM!!! She enjoys being dominated, tied up, choked, slapped, and treated like a shoe rag during sex. Yeah, bit of a surprise there. How did she discover this kinky side of her at such a young age? See my first sentence above.
Of course she didn't tell me this before I invited her up to see me, and I don't keep whips and chains around, but if a girl specifically says she likes being dominated I'm all about the slapping and choking. And I'm not holding back here. Before I go berserk on girls I like to warm 'em up first. I play with Momoko's pussy, but she's a bit too "orgasmic" for my taste, meaning I suspect she is pretending to be into it because she thinks that's what I want to see. She said most guys she fucks are afraid of her S/M side so she plays that down.
Real or not, after a bit of this I figure that's enough with the niceties and have her start sucking my cock. She's good for her age, and her little mouth does the best it can to please me. Now it's time to see if her preference for hard sex is real - I make her turn on her back and jam my cock deep down Momoko's throat. Several times. She takes it without protest and seems almost disappointed when I stop. So far so good. Now I'm really curious to see how far I can push this girl. You'll have to watch how far that is. (Note: if you don't like watching a girl get slapped in the face and on her tits so hard the camcorder's microphone distorts - and orgasm while it's happening - , skip this one).

Let me just say she really does get off on this. Those subtle facial expressions don't lie, and I did my best to capture her little pussy tightening up while she cums. I think it's most visible when I pull out of her after fucking her doggy style. Let me know.
I'm exhausted after fucking Momoko that hard and I just want to cum early. I shoot my cum in her mouth and on her face and this part is definitely a surprise to her. Welcome to porno land, kiddo. But overall she's had as much fun doing this as I did. Yeah, at first it's weird meeting a young girl like that who's so into being dominated. But once you just go with the flow it's so fucking good. - Enjoy!


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