Miranda on Exploited College Girls
School: Ohio State University
Year: Junior
Age: 19
Height: 5'0
Figure: 32B-22-32
EyeColor: Brown


Imagine having a girl that looks like Jessica Alba sit next to you in the car and she tells you how she prefers to give blowjobs, then takes off her top to show off her sweet naturals all because you asked? And then imagine this hot 19 year old actually sucks your cock in the backseat while your buddy is driving you to a hotel...where you get to fuck the shit out of her later? Yes, I'm never getting rid of Jay after this I think LOL.
I'm not going to describe how hot Miranda looks, that much is obvious. I will tell you we learn a lot about our hot little Latin invasion almost right away because she's open and honest about everything. This includes her sexual likes and dislikes. Likes toys. Not so much her thing as you'll find out. Sucking cock? Hell yeah. She is fascinated by the male anatomy and occassionally spends a few seconds just admiring and playing with Jay's hard-on in the car before continuing her oral awesomeness. And if Jay's facial expressions are to be believed, she's pretty amazing at it. Once at the hotel we pick out her clothes and go through the photos Nothing too exciting here because Miranda needs to concentrate on getting the poses right. Clearly she isn't a pro - but does want to get everything right - and we wouldn't want it any other way. So not a lot of chit-chat going on here. Although it's interesting, we see Jay work his magic on Miranda to get her comfortable. He does the barely-there touching of her arm and playful teasing girls like. And it works! For example, Miranda spots my sex toy arsenal and is taken aback by all that weird stuff, so he explains to her what goes where (playfully incorrect, of course) and she giggles and blushes. He's in!
At that point we already know enough about Miranda to get down to the really naughty stuff. Or rather, Jay is. He tries to talk her into trying toys but since that's not really doing anything for her, Jay shifts gears and brings her back to doing what she likes best (if you haven't been paying attention, that's sucking cock). You can guess where that goes from here. Miranda's favorite is doggy style (Surprise! Not.) but it seems she's enjoying herself in any position that involves Jay's dick inside her. I don't want to spoil the goods here but let me tell you Miranda's video will probably end up in your Favorites folder pretty quickly. She's in mine. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Miranda has returned - for a sizzling 3-way with Maelynn!


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Miranda, CLIP 01 | Picked Up & Interviewed


Miranda, CLIP 02 | Backseat Blowjob


Miranda, CLIP 03 | Clothes, Pics, Toy Education


Miranda, CLIP 04 | Intro


Miranda, CLIP 05 | Doing What She's Best At


Miranda, CLIP 06 | Miranda Gets Fucked


Miranda, CLIP 07 | Her Fave (of course): Doggy


Miranda, CLIP 08 | Miranda on Top


Miranda, CLIP 09 | Missionary Part II (with PiP)


Miranda, CLIP 10 | Cum Facial & Goodbyes