Miranda on Exploited College Girls
School: Arizona State University
Year: Junior
Age: 18
Height: 5'9
Figure: 32A-28-32
EyeColor: Blue


After begging me a hundred times to tag along on a shoot, I finally agreed today to let my buddy Jay come with me. Jay is a handsome fella who has the magic touch with the ladies (oh the stories!...), and he is a huge fan of porn. He watches it daily and even checks out porn industry sites to learn all about the jizz bizz. "You have the best job in the world and one day I want to do what you do", he once told me. I said to him maybe, possibly he might get a blowjob from the girl at the end of the day today when the cameras aren't rolling. It's up to her though, no promises. That was good enough for him and so here he is in the backseat as we're driving to pick up today's trollop. We scoop up Miranda from her home and she isn't exactly turned off by having two guys with her in the car. It takes no genius to realize our 18 year old blond ditz loves the attention (just look at her!) and the more testosterone around her the better. She happily talks about herself and her sexual likes and dislikes, and I can practically hear Jay's pants get tighter. I gave him one of the cameras so he can film Miranda next to him and he's wielding that thing like it's his job. I'm thinking I got a free cameraman out of this today, great. Then I notice how Miranda keeps glancing at Jay next to her with that certain look, and she tells him how hot he looks. As if on cue, Jay starts talking to her in a way I'm eerily familiar with: it's how I talk to girls when I want them to do something to me. I can see where this is going...
I'm shocked to discover that the usually reserved Jay turns out to be one of the slickest smooth-talkers I've ever seen. He points his camera at Miranda and gets her to show him her tits and ass, which apparently is like pressing a button on Jay's libido. From the tone of his voice I can tell he's wanting some of that. Now. He keeps flirting with Miranda and she just loves it. We ask Miranda about blowjobs and if she'd given roadhead before. One thing leads to another and since Miranda really seems to take a liking to the young stud next to her I ask her if she'd mind giving Jay a blowjob in the car. Guess what happens next? The little slut agrees immediately. I thought Jay would put down the camera and just enjoy Miranda's oral skills, but instead he manages to keep the cam on her face while she blows him. Two stars are born! Most guys can't shoot shit when they're having sex, but either Jay practiced this a thousand times in his head or he's a natural, either way, he has a ball. I do my best filming the two while I'm driving just in case Jay does have to put down the camera and blow early. But like a fricken rockstar, Jay keeps it together and I figure we can push this envelope a bit further. We're still driving on our way to the hotel when Miranda straddles Jay's cock and fucks him on the backseat. Jay almost loses it at that point but just before he's about to accidentally inseminate the girl, Miranda asks if she can stop for a minute because she's getting car sick (!). LOL, what did I expect, a pornstar? That's okay, this already went way better than I ever expected. At least for Jay.
We arrive at the hotel and get the pictures out of the way. The cameras are rolling again, Jay sits a few feet away while I unwrap Miranda on the bed. We talk about her titties and she confesses she wants a boob job because she thinks they're too small. Jay chimes in from the peanut gallery about how sexy she looks, and Miranda eats up his compliments. I put the girl on her back and she's more concerned about her babyfat rolls (adorable!) than with the fact that she's alone with two strangers in a hotel room. I feel weird eating pussy in front of another guy so instead I go straight for the vibrator and see if Miranda can cum in front of us two gentlemen. And cum she does. Her orgasm is repeated back to back from all 3 camera angles so you tell me if she's really cumming or not. Her soaked pussy tells me she is, as Jay happily points out. At this point I've just about had enough of the sexual tension between these two. It's clear to me that Miranda really wants Jay to finish what he started in the car, and fuck her again. I can spot Jay's hard-on in his pants from across the fucking room so it's obvious to me what needs to happen next: these two need to bang. Now.
Bringing my buddy along was the best decision I've made this year. It turns out he was born to be a porn stud. His presence alone turns girls into putty, he can fuck like a machine and even hold the damn POV cam steady while he's banging away. He pays attention to what the girl likes and does more of it to see if she'll cum on camera. All the while this gives me the freedom to make sure the lighting is better and the cameras are shooting all the hot stuff I might otherwise miss if I do everything by myself. After Jay shoots his cum in Miranda's mouth he lets me know in no uncertain tems how much he enjoyed fucking the girl today. And then later I overhear Miranda on the phone with a girlfriend saying how she "just got fucked by this super hot guy who made her cum". I think I'll let Jay try a couple more times and see where that goes. If Miranda's reaction to him is any indication, we'll have a lot of girls swooning and cumming really quick here. (Note to self: get Mirdanda's girlfriend's phone number...).


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