Milla on Exploited College Girls
School: FIDM
Year: Freshman
Age: 18
Height: 5'2
Eyes: Blue


18 year old Milla confessed she only had 2 orgasms in her life. Today it'll be 3. In fact, she cums so hard today, she actually squirts! I love my job!...
I have been trying to spice up the shoots a little more lately, so today's update featuring 18 year old Milla opens right in the middle of the action. We skip the car ride and I interview Milla right at my pad where we learn the shocking fact that Milla has only had 2 orgasms in her entire life. That from a self confessed slut who has sex as many as five times a week! I'm honestly blown away and decide right away that she's walking away from todays shoot with AT LEAST 50% more orgasms than she arrived with.
Milla may come across as a little college slut but in reality she's as fresh as five AM donuts, amigos. She's cute as hell and reminds me of some starlet (Lindsey Lohan perhaps?) Anyway, she's from LA and attends FIDM - some fashion school that trains pretty girls to work at a department store, or something like that. When we talk about sex, like most really hot, young chicks she's got a lot of don'ts, but as you'll see later, she's willing to go the extra mile, so don't what she says too seriously. She says she doesn't like giving head, doesn't swallow, doesn't like facials (can you guess how today's shoot ends?)
The prospect of giving Milla her third ever orgasm has me excited so I get her naked and get to work on her perfect looking shaved pussy. When rubbing her clit doesn't work, I lube up and finger fuck her and once I start penetrating her, I can tell it's on... but I'm going to need to bring out the hardware. I grab the Rabbit and get back to Milla's pussy. She becomes very vocal when she orgasms, it takes a while to get it out of her but she does, she completely loses it and squirts all over my hand, arm, bed sheet, and even my shirt. You'll enjoy the multiple camera angles of her squirting and cumming.
So, mission accomplished. Time for me to get some, I drop the bomb on Milla - it's blowjob time. The look(s) on her face are PRICELESS. If I actually hired pro porn chicks and tried to get them to "act" like real exploited college girls, they could never pull it off. She's completely freaked out at sucking my dick, her freak out face is SO cute that I can't help but want to stick my cock in it. She relents and it turns out, for a girl who's not into it, she certainly knows her way around a cock. It's great, I try out some deep throat moves on her until her eyes water. And then just for yuks I drop another bomb on her - she can stop sucking because it's ass licking time. Milla is very hesitant at first but like a little trooper she licks her way south.
Finally I have to get my cock in that tight, 18 year old pussy and I throw her up on the bed and try and pound another orgasm out of her doggy style (no dice.) I smack her perfect little ass until it's red, pull her hair and fuck her nice and hard, but it isn't happening. We try a new position which almost makes me blow early. I flip her over (Pindown) and fuck her nice and hard again and she gasps that it hurts so good being pounded. I can't hold out much longer and get her ready for the money shot.
She protests (and earlier reacted very negatively to the idea of a facial) but after pumping her tight pussy I've got a load ready to let go and I have her get to her knees for one of my patented Sperm Showers™ which she isn't happy about, but takes my entire load across her face, mostly in her mouth. Without a word of protest she swallows it. Afterward she tells me that it tastes like pancake batter, just like her slutty girlfriends told her it would. Since I have never and will never taste either jizz or uncooked pancake batter, I'll take her word for it.
Milla is great fun, cums so hard that she squirts, and does pretty much everything she didn't want to do at first. Let me know what you think of her. - Jay

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Milla, CLIP 01 | Bathroom Interview


Milla, CLIP 02 | Clothes & Chit Chat


Milla, CLIP 03 | Naked Time (nice!)


Milla, CLIP 04 | Orgasm and Squirting!


Milla, CLIP 05 | Excellent Cocksucker Even Tho She Hates It


Milla, CLIP 06 | More BJ & Asslicking


Milla, CLIP 07 | Rough Sex On All Fours


Milla, CLIP 08 | Milla Fucked Hard


Milla, CLIP 09 | New Position. Scissors?


Milla, CLIP 10 | The Pindown


Milla, CLIP 11 | She Hates Cum, Swallows Anyway
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