School: Glendale Community College
Year: Junior
Age: 18
Height: 5'2
Figure: 32A-22-32
EyeColor: Blue


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There is so much assfucking in this video, I could've split it up into two updates and be good. I'm not letting Maggie go without her taking it in her tiny little ass in every position I can think of. And I can think of a lot of positions LOL. It's not all smooth sailing at first, Maggie's ass is tight. As she explains, she doesn't let her boyfriend fuck her in the ass, so there's some loosening-up work to do. The vibrator on her clit helps, and after some time, the ass plug starts feeling good too. She can't explain the feeling and says something about being a mix of pain and pleasure at the same time. Exactly what we're going for here, so we're on the right track.
There's lots of Picture-in-Picture footage here - you watch Maggie's face go from pain to pleasure and back while seeing her ass penetrated by my cock, toys, and fingers. You're literally watching a anal virgin learn to love (well, like) anal sex during this session. But when I'm done fucking her bum into oblivion she asks "can we have real sex now?!". Of course we can. As a reward for traveling the Hershey Highway so well I fuck Maggie in her favorite position - and fill her pussy with my cum, which she squirts back out as good as she can. She prefers guys cumming in her (a lot of guys, according to her) but didn't know it's called a creampie when you squirt the cum back out. Oh that endearing little Maggie - fucking and learning, what a good girl!...


Maggie, FULL MOVIE | 1.01 GB | 85 MIN


Maggie, CLIP 01 | Pussy Licked While Watching Her Movie


Maggie, CLIP 02 | Maggie Gets Me Ready


Maggie, CLIP 03 | Warm-Up Fucking


Maggie, CLIP 04 | Ass Lubed, Fingered, Cock Attempt


Maggie, CLIP 05 | Butt Plug, Vibe, & Fucked


Maggie, CLIP 06 | Assfucked with Vibe on her Clit


Maggie, CLIP 07 | Hard Anal on Top


Maggie, CLIP 08 | Assfucked On Her Back


Maggie, CLIP 09 | Guess What? More Ass!


Maggie, CLIP 10 | Maggie On Top (Yes, in her Ass, too)


Maggie, CLIP 11 | Pussy Fucking - The Cooldown


Maggie, CLIP 12 | Maggie Gets a Creampie