School: Glendale Community College
Year: Junior
Age: 18
Height: 5'2
Figure: 32A-22-32
EyeColor: Blue


Hey, did you know that cum makes boobs larger? No? Me neither. But Maggie thinks so and she says this with a straight face while I get my gear ready to capture my cum flying into her mouth. There's plenty of Maggie to adore. In fact, I think she's one of my favorite fucks in recent memory. I know I keep saying that but really, the girls lining up to get the Steve treatment just keep getting better and better. Maggie is 18, her boyfriend knows and approves of the fact that his GF wants to fuck strangers on camera for cash, and like so many fresh-outta-High School types, she is up for anything.
This includes fucking me in the car. While we are driving. In traffic. It's hard to get a good screenshot of that when you have the tightest pussy ever on your cock while you're driving around town in your rental, camera in one hand, steering wheel in the other.
Speaking of tight pussy, I have to spend some time loosening that little flower up and Maggie enjoys the fingering and licking. She isn't so sure about having her ass licked at first but then later orgasms when I do it. I love it when girls get into this stuff like I do.
I'm butter in her hands, I have to admit. I even agree to try her favorite position (kinda like doggy, but not) but that's awkward and we stop. She takes a pee break and I tell her I film her. For educational purposes, of course. Like a lot of things we do today, it's a first for her. I have her suck me off while she still sits on the throne and I go in for the kill: "Have you tried anal sex before?". Still with my cock in her mouth she gestures "once" and I tell her we'll be doing anal right now. For a moment I think she's going to storm out but when I tell her I'll give her a few extra bucks, she's all up for getting assfucked. Little whores love money, don't they? See how well her first anal on film goes over. Let's just say she correctly points out: "and you thought my pussy was tight!!". LOL. Very fun girl.
Enough from me. You will enjoy this one I think. I certainly did and you can tell - when was the last time you saw me actually make out with one of these little sluts? Well, there you go. Good stuff. - Steve


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Maggie, CLIP 01 | Naked Car Talk


Maggie, CLIP 02 | Maggie Gives Roadhead


Maggie, CLIP 03 | Fucking While Driving


Maggie, CLIP 04 | Interview & Getting Naked


Maggie, CLIP 05 | Body Inspection, Pussy Play


Maggie, CLIP 06 | Pussy, Ass Licking


Maggie, CLIP 07 | Maggie Fucked Hard


Maggie, CLIP 08 | Doggy & Her Fave Position


Maggie, CLIP 09 | Pissing, Blowjob, Bribed


Maggie, CLIP 10 | Anal (Kinda-)Fail


Maggie, CLIP 11 | On Top and Loving It


Maggie, CLIP 12 | The Cumshot