Maelynn on Exploited College Girls
School: Arizona State University
Year: Junior
Age: 19
Height: 5'9
Figure: 34B-24-34
EyeColor: Green


One of the best shoots of 2011. There, I said it. I think you will agree with me when you watch Maelynn in action. We start her transformation from normal ASU college girl to porn goddess in the makeup chair. Already at that point Jay and me are having a lot of fun teasing and flirting with Maelynn: she's about the funnest chick you can imagine, very outgoing, very sweet, and down to earth. She enjoys the pampering and as her confidence grows (make-up is key, brothers...), so does her sense for daring and adventure.
Maelynn is a self proclaimed "good girl" who has only had 2 men in her life and she doesn't do anything 'crazy' like partying or making out with girls. Except when she parties and makes out with girls. You get my drift. To push her envelope a little, I have her do one really weird and naughty thing for me (you'll see...), just to get her reaction. She has that "I can't believe I just did that!" expression and I knew we got to her. Then she lets Jay feel her titties while our friend finishes her make-up. Maelynn is up for anything and I can't wait to see where we can push our blond hottie next.
We check out Maelynn's camel toe forming beneath those sexy little panties she brought with her, and Jay flirts with her while she's getting dressed up and throughout the photo shoot. Her happy attitude and effortless sex appeal is like a magnet to both Jay and me, and Maelynn is having a blast with all this attention. She clearly takes a liking to the boy. Big time. Tell me if I'm wrong but I think this girl is falling in love. This may be a problem...with...her...BOYFRIEND she has waiting back at home. Who doesn't know what she's doing today. It gets worse for that guy - just keep watching.
I start the interview/intro with Maelynn on the bed, but I realize I'm just the 5th wheel here - Jay keeps playing with her boobs while standing next to me, and Maelynn glances at Jay with that "ravage me now!"-look on her face. You see, it turns out she had attempted to do one porn movie before in the past but she wasn't ready and walked out. The reason she is back today is because she enjoyed talking to us on the phone and thought Jay looked so hot in the pictures I sent her. She clearly wants him to fuck her. So I hand him the POV camera...
Her eyes light up when Jay smooth-talks her into spreading her legs so he can start getting her revved up with his hands and a dildo. Sure enough, Maelynn's pussy gets dripping wet immediately, and she really enjoys herself here. This girl wants the Jayster, bad. He keeps teasing her though for while to make sure he gets the most horny, amped-up Maelynn possible. When neither can contain themselves any longer, Jay asks Maelynn to give him head - and you can't pry these two apart from that point forward. It's now nonstop intense sucking and fucking, so much so that I can barely rearrange cameras in time when these two change positions. Maelynn is really into Jay and she has lots of subtle little orgasms while he fucks her. Watch her eyes when she's on top of him. The girl is hooked on Jay.
Freshly fucked and thoroughly spent, Maelynn gets off Jay to receive her first ever cum facial. "I love fucking this guy!", Maelynn says sheepishly, thinking the camera is off. We tease her about her boyfriend finding out and she snickers that there soon may not be a boyfriend. Jay's cock practically explodes at that point and he unloads the biggest wad of cum all over Maelynn's face, so much that this stuff drips all over her arm. So I have her lick off and she laps up the cum like candy. So much for the "good girl". Maelynn then ambushes Jay in the shower (enough already! LOL) and enjoys his hands soaping up her body. "I might just keep doing this sort of 'work'", Maelynn giggles. Yeah, I think she might. She definitely should because she's perfect for porn. I don't think she'll ever click with a guy so well again as she did with Jay, though. I feel sorry for her man at home, but I'm glad today happened. So will you - Enjoy!

UPDATE: Maelynn has returned - for a sizzling 3-way!


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Maelynn, CLIP 01 | The Transformation


Maelynn, CLIP 02 | Clothes N' Stuff


Maelynn, CLIP 03 | Photo Shoot


Maelynn, CLIP 04 | Unwrap Intro


Maelynn, CLIP 05 | Dildo and Fingers


Maelynn, CLIP 06 | Maelynn Gives Head


Maelynn, CLIP 07 | Sexy Time


Maelynn, CLIP 08 | On All Fours


Maelynn, CLIP 09 | Pinned Down and Nailed Hard


Maelynn, CLIP 10 | Maelynn On Top


Maelynn, CLIP 11 | Covered With Cum


Maelynn, CLIP 12 | Shower Ambush