School: High School
Year: Graduate
Age: 18
Height: 5'7
Figure: 34C-26-34
EyeColor: Blue


You saw her here first, folks! Lilly looks like a pornstar in her early 20s but actually she isn't even in college yet. In fact - and I know this may be hard to believe for some of you - she is only 18 years old. It's probably the makeup, which I like girls to get done before a shoot, mainly because it's like an instant confidence boost for them. In her case it wouldn't have mattered because she's super gorgeous either way and she just looks like she's made for sex, makeup or not. Mere mortals like us would never approach someone like Lilly if we saw her on the street, but the secret is that she has just as many insecurities as anyone else. This becomes clear when I start taking photos of her. She does great (and yes, those fantastic boobs are real), and we learn a good deal about our High School grad, but like many other girls her age she just longs to be desired and "perfect". The lesson here I think is that if you see someone like her, talk to her! Her insecurities will probably outweigh yours, so go for it. Otherwise someone else will, like in Lilly's case: she's got a boyfriend. And no, he has no idea his girl is about to bang a stranger more than twice her age on camera today. This is her first porn movie but I think (I hope!) we'll see her again someday.
I love making 18 year olds cum. You'll be surprised to know that Lilly doesn't actually have that much sex in her personal life, despite what her looks might infer. So let's see what gets her off and how often we can make this young babe cum. In addition to being ridiculously hot, Lilly is also very sweet, and smart enough to form complete sentences, but a girl who wants to become a pornstar will need to put up with a lot of hardcore shit to make it. I'm here to help with that. After exploring her amazing body (those tits! OMFG!) I'm working on making her cum with my tongue, and wander from her pussy to her ass. She's never had her ass licked before (WHY?!) and says she likes it. She asks me to continue eating her out until she cums and I oblige. Next I try the Rabbit vibrator on her and she's almost shocked at how good it feels. While she masturbates with it I have her take out my cock to suck on it. But she's not quite ready yet and seems to not know what to do with it. Then I remember: she's only 18. She needs some time to warm up to the idea that she is about to have full-on sex with me on camera, so I let her just lick my cock a bit. It's awkward, but it's a start. But fear not, this session's getting real hardcore in just a bit. First I want to try out some more toys on her. I have her get on all fours and introduce her perfect ass to the butt plug. She likes it, and I add a vibrator on her clit to send her over the edge.
Now it's time to turn up the heat. Now, if you can't stomach watching a pretty young girl being challenged to do things she would never do in her personal life, turn off the movie right now. It gets very graphic now. I start easy on her with a proper blowjob (with the butt plug still in her ass, no less) and then progress to the point where I deepthroat and gag her multiple times, have her lick my ass, and let her experience rough sex, which she claimed earlier she enjoys but really has no idea about what it means (until now). I go fucking wild with this girl and she's game for it all. You'd expect a girl like that to clock out at that point but Lilly takes everything I throw at her and doesn't say no. Gorgeous AND dirty - I think she might be the next Jenna Jameson. Just hotter. And much, much younger. It's one of the more extreme shoots you've seen here in a while and it just happens to involve one of the hottest young ladies in the West. Enjoy! -Steve


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Lilly, CLIP 01 | Getting Ready & Photo Shoot


Lilly, CLIP 02 | Intro & Interview


Lilly, CLIP 03 | Fingered, Licked & Orgasm


Lilly, CLIP 04 | Vibrator & BJ (Sorta)


Lilly, CLIP 05 | Toys in Pussy & Ass


Lilly, CLIP 06 | POV Blowjob


Lilly, CLIP 07 | Hard BJ & Deepthroating


Lilly, CLIP 08 | Asslicking


Lilly, CLIP 09 | Rough Sex


Lilly, CLIP 10 | Lilly On All Fours


Lilly, CLIP 11 | Lilly On Top


Lilly, CLIP 12 | Cumshot & Goodbye