Katie on Exploited College Girls
School: Cal State, Northridge
Year: Freshman
Age: 18
Height: 5'0
Figure: 32B-24-36
EyeColor: Hazel


18 year old Cal State, Northridge freshman Katie endured a lot just to be here for you today. She lied to her parents, telling them she was going to the beach today. As long as she's back by tonight, Katie figures her super-strict dad won't get suspicious. Daddy doesn't even know that his little princess isn't a virgin anymore. Boys aren't allowed to come to her home. At all. So this morning Katie staged an elaborate show where she had her girlfriends pick her up from home, beach outfits in hand and everything. Daddy doesn't know that instead of going to the beach, Katie got on a plane to get fucked and filmed by strangers in another State. Ignorance is bliss and let's hope it stays that way because Daddy's got a shotgun.
In addition to being blessed with the tightest little body, Katie also has personality plus. Don't let her cutesy facial expressions during the interviews and photos fool you - this girl's love and enthusiasm for sex will shock you. You'll want to blow your load early when she spreads and shows off her perfect body, and tells us about her life during the interview - but don't cum just yet. It'll get even hotter after that. Instead of writing a novel here about all the stuff we learn about her (sexy surprises!), let's just say you will be hopelessly in lust for Katie by the time Jay gets to ravage her. This 5-foot bundle of teen hotness is a boatload of fun, loves to cum - and cums frequently today - , and has a blast (literally) getting fucked. She'd love to have more sex in her personal life but that's difficult, what with the situation at home and all. So all this pent-up sexual energy gets released today on ECG. Seriously, brace yourself for this one. It's crazy to watch this cute, innocent looking coed transform into a raging sex kitten who says and does stuff that would make any pornstar blush. I repeat: she's only 18. And it's all genuine fun for her, and you can tell: Katie's pussy creams up when Jay fucks her harder and harder, and you'll lose count of all her orgasms. When she rides Jay like a maniac, begging him to keep fucking her and cover her face with cum (!), Katie gets so into it that she even kisses him while she orgasms yet again. "I came like a million times!", she says later - and she means it.
I recommend you watch the entire movie from start to finish. Yes, it's over an hour and a half, but there isn't a dull moment with Katie. Her kinky revelations don't stop until after she takes a shower (so she doesn't smell like sex when she goes back to mom and pop). This daughter is every dad's worst nightmare - and every guy's fantasy. Enjoy!


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Katie, CLIP 01 | Makeup Chair Revelations


Katie, CLIP 02 | Up-Close and Personal Interview


Katie, CLIP 03 | Photo Shoot


Katie, CLIP 04 | Katie Gets Head, Toy; Cums Hard


Katie, CLIP 05 | Cocksucking Skills Demo


Katie, CLIP 06 | Fucked On All Fours


Katie, CLIP 07 | On Her Back


Katie, CLIP 08 | Katie on Top


Katie, CLIP 09 | Covered With Cum


Katie, CLIP 10 | Exit Interview & Shower