School: Arizona State University
Year: Freshman
Age: 18
Height: 5'1
Figure: 34B-18-28
EyeColor: Hazel-Green


Another young lady who will regret her actions for the rest of her life before she even hits drinking age, and of course we're not talking "posting a bikini picture on Facebook"-type of regret. No, 18 year old nubile Hazel decided to start out adult life by being in a porno, where she gets educated in sex positions and the taste of cum. I'm not kidding about the 'educated' part - when we are done, Hazel admits that pretty much everything we did was new to her. This comes as somewhat of a surprise because while she is getting ready in the bathroom (weirdest hair prep ever, btw), she claims she likes to be choked during sex. So one would think this innocent looking girl has had her fair share of sexual experiences, right? No. All talk. She probably saw that in a movie once and thought that was hot. Experiencing rough sex for herself is a whole different can o' beans. You'll see.
But why am I surprised? Hazel is shy and just not the ultra-slut type. She had one (!) orgasm in her life (when we are done it's two...). She says she doesn't like being watched having sex and that may be true. For example, when I ask her if she likes to watch herself suck cock (while she's sucking my cock, of course), she seems more shocked than amazed by herself. Whenever she spots herself in the cameras' monitors (I turn those around so the girls can see themselves), she becomes self-conscious and adjusts herself. Yes, Hazel is not Ms Confidence. She doesn't scream out loud like a overpaid pornstar either and seems to be wondering what the hell she is supposed to be doing most of the time. She gets points for the last part. Hazel isn't faking it and I'm glad I got another college cutie who is so clueless that faking things isn't even possible for her.
So how do you make a young girl cum when she only has had one orgasm in her life? Well, in Hazel's case it's not what you think. Using the vibrator on her doesn't do it, neither does licking her pussy (although that one's close). But I'm happy to report that Hazel does have her second orgasm ever during this shoot. You'll just have to watch and see what did the trick for her. It's magical to watch and feel a girl cum, isn't it?
Less magical is unloading your cum over her face and into her nose and eyes, at least not for her. It's the first time Hazel tasted cum and from her reaction it'll be the last time, unless a future boyfriend somehow manages to talk her into it. She scrubs her pretty little face in the shower and keeps finding strands of jizz on her which clearly isn't the kind of skin treatment she wants anything to do with. In the end though she seems pleased at how much new stuff she learned, and I will take credit for helping Hazel grow up sexually by about 1000% today. I'm happy to do my part educating the youth, you know? - Steve


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