School: San Diego State University
Year: Junior
Age: 18
Height: 5'5
Figure: 32B-24-34
EyeColor: Blue


NO! NO! An angel like this should NOT be doing porn. Ever! But since Chelsea decided to go for it anyways (just broke up with her boyfriend so...), I will do my dirty duty and do my best to really make her wish she'd never even thought about doing this. Okay, I can't do that. I mean, look at her! Chelsea is a (up till today) wholesome, all-American girl. She doesn't even pretend to be into other girls, she doesn't do drugs or other stupid shit, and has only had five men in her life. Well, make that six as of today. She's about the furthest thing from a slut or a porn whore as you can imagine - and yet here she is. She can actually string words together to form sentences that make sense! Imagine that!
Obviously she has never had sex on camera, for money or otherwise. And I actually believe her. What a nugget I've found there.
She is so genuinely happy and smiley the entire time that I have to summon all my evil internal spirits to do what I usually do. But once my mind gets there, oh boy...I love making girls cum. Fucking love it. Chelsea cums easily and there's so much pussy cum on me after a few of her orgasms I wonder if she is even aware of how truly orgasmic she is. Speaking of cumming, our little blonde, blue-eyed SDSU cutie enjoys having her ass licked even though you can tell she feels quite naughty for even just enjoying this. That's not the only thing she discovers about herself today. Surprisingly, Chelsea doesn't shy away from even my most hardcore antics (yes, she does THAT for me too), but it's clear a lot of this stuff we're doing is new to her. She's an eager little learner though and just like with her school work, she puts her entire being into this shoot. She is in the moment at all times, trying to figure out if she likes something or not. She doesn't complain if she's not into it, although there are a few moments that are just a bit too extreme for her. At least there aren't any tears. At least not many.
There are some fun revelations, espcially at the end when I drive her to the airport. Let's just say she's in a unique living situation, and she really doesn't understand the gravity of what she has just done...
Chelsea is one in a million, brothers. Girls like her are the reason I started this site. Pure magic, I tell you. Enjoy! - Steve


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Chelsea, CLIP 01 | Watch The Angel Fall


Chelsea, CLIP 02 | Chelsea Masturbates


Chelsea, CLIP 03 | Orgasms: Pussy, Ass Licked


Chelsea, CLIP 04 | Time To Dive Into That Perfect Pussy


Chelsea, CLIP 05 | What Should We Call This Position? Scissors?


Chelsea, CLIP 06 | Chelsea Fucked From Behind


Chelsea, CLIP 07 | Chelsea Sucks Cock


Chelsea, CLIP 08 | Chelsea On Top


Chelsea, CLIP 09 | Blowjob and Asslicking


Chelsea, CLIP 10 | Toys. Not Her Favorite


Chelsea, CLIP 11 | The Cumshot


Chelsea, CLIP 12 | So Naive, It's Cute!