School: High School
Age: 18
Height: 5'7
Figure: 34B-26-30
School: Arizona State University
Age: 18
Height: 5'1
Figure: 34B-18-28


Something quite different today. Here is a little secret about doing amateur porn: not every shoot happens the way you planned. Case in point: Camilla's first shoot, and Hazel's anal shoot. Camilla's shoot went great until I let her ride the Sybian. She rubbed her pussy so much on the thing - and orgasmed so hard - that she just could not keep going, no matter my pleading and bribing. And when I invited Hazel back for her first anal shoot I anticipated her to feel a bit of pain at first - but not THAT much. Guess she was really not ready for anal sex. If you think her whincing and whining when I penetrate her ass with toys is bad, don't watch the assfucking parts of this movie. If you do, turn down the volume. Poor little teen whore LOL.
But instead of throwing away all this great footage, or giving you stuff that's incomplete and call it an update, I've decided to put everything together into one behemoth of a fuck flick today. Both girls orgasm - in fact, you'll witness young Hazel's very first orgasm ever. Since the assfucking was so brutal I told her we'd stop, but she has to do one more thing: ride the Sybian. I'm glad I talked her into it because watching this teen cum for the first time was priceless. You'll know it's real, too.
Camilla is pretty badass, way more mature than you'd think a girl who's still in High School would be, and despite her sarcastic facade sucks me in the car and lets me bang her on the patio, before cumming several times until we have to call it a day. It's funny because she said it "takes a lot" to make her cum. Fact is though it was pretty easy to get her to orgasm, although it wasn't what I usually do to make them cum. Watch what it took to get Camilla off.
Lots of hot stuff packed into these 100+ minutes: 18 year old girls, first orgasms, Sybian rides, blowjobs, car sex, roadhead, extreme anal sex...I think you'll be pleased. - S


Camilla; Hazel's Anal - FULL MOVIE | 1.06 GB | 105 MIN


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Camilla, CLIP 01 | Welcome, Camilla


Camilla, CLIP 02 | Roadhead


Camilla, CLIP 03 | Patio BJ and Fucking


Camilla, CLIP 04 | Camilla Cums


Camilla, CLIP 05 | Sybian Hard Orgasm


Hazel, CLIP 06 | Naked Interview w. Hazel


Hazel, CLIP 07 | Roadhead & Car Sex


Hazel, CLIP 08 | Munching on Hazel


Hazel, CLIP 09 | Anal Toys


Hazel, CLIP 10 | Painful Anal (CAUTION!)


Hazel, CLIP 11 | Sybian Orgasm